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I offer a variety of strand by strand hair extension methods. I prefer a consultation for those clients who are not familiar with the extension methods. I am able to do consultations via email for those of my clients that require my traveling services. 

Please note that high end hair extensions cost a lot of money to have installed. It is wise to do your research for pricing so that you can get an idea of what the market rates are in your area. Not many hairstylists offer these services because they take skill, training, and tools that are specialized.  


This is the most popular and known method of strand by strand hair extensions. Similar to Microlinks except that a polymer adhesive is used to bond the strands of extensions to your natural hair. Some companies use a keratin derived adhesive. A thermal tool is used to bond the extension hair to your natural hair.

These extensions last 3-4 months and look very natural. The bonds can be re-tipped in some instances which will allow you to re-use your hair for 2 - 3 times. It is very unrealistic and misleading for stylists to claim that hair extensions last a year without fully explaining that there is up keep required to make them last that long.

Your consultation covers all of the steps you will need to ensure that you properly care for your hair extensions.

Service usually takes about 3-5 hours but a more specific time can be determined during the consultation



Tape extensions are re-useable, seamless hair extensions that are pre-taped and made from high quality 100% human hair. It requires no additional adhesives on the scalp, weaving, braiding, clips, bonding, chemicals, or messy removal.

These extensions are very easy to apply and remove when installed by a professional. The hair extensions can last for about 2 months depending on activity and for a total of 6 months if reused.

Not recommended for clients who are very active or have an oily scalp.


Always get a professional hairstylist to take out any hair extensions that you have added to your hair.

Removing hair extensions on your own risks damage to your hair by accidentally cutting tracks or using the wrong tools/products.


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